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To end the pandemic sooner, show your support for the success of vaccinating against COVID-19 with a simple symbol

The job is not done yet.

Globally, there has been too little progress in vaccinating against COVID-19. There are two simple reasons for this. In some places, vaccinations are not readily available. While in other places, the majority of people are already vaccinated, but too many people still aren’t and so herd immunity is something unattainable there.

It's a global problem.

In many cases, people feel that governments and authorities are not doing their job to resolve these problems. Because of this, there are many different public initiatives and websites across the entire world which deal with one of these issues or another. But in a global pandemic, local efforts aren’t the best we can do.

Stronger together.

If we want to best show our support for both global and local vaccination success, our support needs to be easily recognizable, and we need to show unity. This can be done most effectively by using a simple symbol (a red plaster), which can be even more easily expressed using two emojis (🔴🩹). Why a red plaster? When you get vaccinated, you get one (it might not be red). A plaster signifies healing – and this one does so particularly well, as this feels like a big step of healing towards a normal life after the pandemic.


Feel free to:

as long as you promote vaccinations against Covid-19 doing so. Apart from that, a link to redplaster.org is always appreciated but not necessary.

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Example of use: The Freedom Collection

Fully vaccinated worldwide


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— 17.10.2021